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I am Steven Dorgelo, educator by trade, freelance documentary photographer and copywriter by heart. My work is published and used in magazines and websites, by non-profit organizations, schools, travel agencies, and other companies.

Much of my personal work is a reflection of and on everyday life; a glimpse into a world that we often lose sight of due to the hustle and bustle that keeps us busy. For all my assignments I also look for a personal approach that appeals to the viewer and makes them think. Because of my long stay in Asia and my experience with other cultures, I manage to translate the story of my clients into clear images and texts.

I am also happy to help you tell your story. Look further for more information about my work and services and feel free to contact me to learn what I can do for you.


living area

Chengdu, China

working area


 expertise area

Netherlands ~ China

I currently work from Chengdu, the capital of the Sichuan province at the foot of the Tibetan mountains, in rapidly changing China, and at times I am in the Netherlands. My work area is West China and the Netherlands, but also beyond. Just like Europe, my curiosity knows no borders. I like to work internationally and am used to traveling a lot for that. I have a special relationship with China and am well versed in the culture, history and socio-political developments of both countries.

Contact me


for questions or more information about what I can do for you




 (+31) 06-41887918

Gelukt! Hartelijk dank voor uw email. Ik zal u binnen een dag beantwoorden.

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